Mega Ring Overview

Measuring in at Gigantic Size, this Mega Ring is an award with Wow. It’s a great choice for both professionals & sports, individuals and teams.
Measuring in at a Gigantic Size, this Mega Ring is an award that’ll make people say Wow! A great choice for both professionals & sports awards, the individual and teams/departments.

The Mega Ring is ideal when you need a fresh new take to recognize your key players or teams instead of another glass, crystal or plaque award.

You have a 3” Texture Tone™ center decoration and 6” long Vibraprint™ base. These large imprint areas means your message can be read from a distance. Also choose between the 6 pre-designed ring stock inserts available.

The Mega Ring comes in two versions. A more accessible design with only stars and torch sides. Also a more specialized design with the word “Champion” across the front and torch sides.

The quality Texture Tone™ center imprint is a quick decoration process (5 – 7 business days) and is printed domestically from North Carolina & California.

Product Specs

(Size / Weight / Material / Imprint)

The ring imparts a sense of quality with its size, hefty weight and shiny appearance.

Imprint Areas

The Mega ring has got some mega insert areas as well. The 3” Texture Tone ring insert (with 6 stock inserts available) and the 6” long Vibraprint base insert. Plenty of room to ensure your winners’ accomplishments can be seen from a distance.


The Mega Ring measures roughly 5-½” in all directions. When placed on top of the included award stand, the combination is about 8” tall. For reference, you can think of this as roughly the same size as a champagne glass.

Champion vs. Stars Variation

Both Star & Champion Versions Come In Gold & Silver.

Stock Inserts






Dollar ($) Sign


Ideal Use Cases

The Mega Ring’s design (its size, weight, and appearance) are built to communicate high-end award. So it should be for significant milestones/events.

Its size makes it an ideal award for either an individual or a group / department / team. 

Alternatively, it’s great for a perpetual or recurring award (think Employee of the Month), where the Ring can be passed from winner to winner.

  • Significant Achievements or Milestones

  • 1st / 2nd Place for Annual/Yearly Events

  • A Perpetual Award (Passed from winner to winner)

End User Safe Flyers

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Stock Flyer

Professional Examples

Employee of the Month
Professional, Individual, Perpetual

The Mega Ring could be used as an Employee of the Month award which is passed from Winner-to-Winner every month to motivate team members. The award is held by the winner at their workstation until the next winner is announced. Optionally, it can be awarded to the best employee at the end of the year.

Crazy Customer Calmer
Professional, Individual, Perpetual

Similar to an Employee Of The Month award, but tailored for a specific department (Customer Service). The manager can bring some levity to otherwise difficult topics. The award is passed from winner to winner bi-weekly during a CSR Status and Training Meeting.

500,000 Miles Safe Driving
Professional, Individual, Milestone

Sometimes the milestones you want to reward are actual miles. In this case 500,000 miles of safe driving by Truck Drivers of this company along with other cash awards.

10,000 Cleanings
Professional, Individual, Milestone

When you want to recognize when someone has completed a major milestone. On average, a dental hygienist performs between 7 to 10 cleanings per day. So 10,000 cleanings equals roughly about 5 years of service.

Top Sales Agent (Year)
Professional, Individual, Annual

The years’ end always brings about awards for Sales. The Mega Ring is a great choice for the year-end recognition piece given to the top #1 or #2 sales agent.

Hit Departmental Goal
Professional, Group, Goal

It’s not always an individual that needs to be recognized, sometimes it’s a whole department. In this case, it’s a Growth Department (aka Marketing) at a Financial Company for hitting 125% of their goal.

Awesome Accuracy
Professional, Group, Annual

While individuals have their own goals, it’s also necessary to award the group effort. This year award recognizes the departments’ goal of having an extremely low error rate of below ¼ a percent.

Safety Award
Professional, Group, Milestone

It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra incentive for keeping everyone safe. In this case roughly three years of safety for the Airport Ground Team. This group is awarded the ring & other bonuses.

Top Group Fundraiser
Professional, Group, Fundraiser

Anyone who has fundraised for an organization knows it can be trying work. While cookies can sell themselves, giving your top fundraisers something to incentivize their effort can’t hurt.

Top Donor
Professional, Individual, Fundraising

Fundraising can often be an 80/20 equation. With the top donors making up a substantial share of total money donated. A physical award can incentivize a top donor to give more than they might otherwise. Additionally, it can be prominently displayed in the Donors life serving as a reminder of your organization.

Years of Service
Professional, Individual, Annual

When you want to recognize when someone has completed a major milestone. 10 Years of service is a worthy goal to strive for.

Sport Examples

Fantasy Football
Sport, Individual, 1st

What would sports be without fantasy leagues. Use the Mega Ring as a perpetual weekly and/or yearly award for those fun times with friends.

Coaches Award
Sport, Individual, #1

The Coach can make or break the team, and good coaches are worth their weight in gold.

Tennis Tournament
Sport, Individual, #1

Break the mold and offer something fresh and different than a plaque or crystal award for your Tennis Tournament.

Baseball #1st Place Tournament
Professional, Group, Milestone

Running a large Sports Tournament? Give your teams a worthy goal to shoot for coming in near the top. Ideal for a winning 1st place or 2nd place team to be awarded.

The Most Valuable Player
Sport, Individual, #1

Give the most valuable player on the team an award that signifies their significance.

Defensive Player of the Year
Sport, Individual, #1

Give your key players with the award they deserve for helping you bring home the gold.

Golf Training Camp Competition Award
Professional, Group, Milestone

At this golf training camp, end of session awards are given out to the winners of the competition for longest drive and other events.